Lost In The Delta Public Gallery - Skyler Stanley

Deere Sunset

The day started out with A TON of computer work. Catalogging, emailing, and business stuff... sitting down for hours... Truely fun. I thought that I would be doing that all day-with basketball breaks every now and then-because the sky wasn't looking to produce anything spectacular. To my surprise, later in the day these milky, cool looking clouds started forming on the horizon. That meant time to gear up and head out! Like most days I didn't have any particular place in mind, but drove to the nearest gas station since my tank was low. That meant Walnut Grove. I have been down Race Track Road multiple times; it becoming one of my favorite roads to go down, leading to a spot I really like to be, normally with lots of wildlife and sometimes a giant pool of water to reflect the clouds. But, lately, no water. Luckily there was a big puddle and oh yeah, the big tractor, two great subjects for a photo. I set up my timelapse machine at the puddle and brought my photograbbing tool over to the John Deere and waited for the right moment.

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